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SOFT Eco Laundry Detergent


SOFT Eco Laundry Detergent is the plant based, laundry detergent with added softener designed to bring those natural fabrics back to that oh-so-nice soft feeling, without compromising absorption. 

Designed for deep cleaning with its 5 powerful enzymes, this is a must-have for those using natural fabrics. Modern Cloth Nappies, Towels or Clothing. Officially endorsed by Clean Cloth Nappies .. this is a game changer.

Compostable laundry scoop available here.

100% Australian Made | Deep Cleaning Powdered Laundry Detergent with Added Softener

Plant Based Super Powers - A powerful combination of plant based surfactants, deep cleaning enzymes and free from all the nasties this delivers great results every time.

SOFT SOFT SOFT  -  Unlike traditional softeners which coat the fibres and inhibit absorption, our specially formulated combination will keep your natural fabrics ultra-soft without compromising absorbency.

Cloth Nappy Safe  – Endorsed by the washing gurus at Clean Cloth Nappies, this powerful, plant and mineral based detergent is super effective for deep cleaning your Modern Cloth Nappies.

Keeps the Stinks Away - Our deep cleaning formula will keep your laundry fresh, clean and soft every time. Check out our Washing Advice for the best way to keep your laundry in tip top shape.

Lemon Mojito Anyone - Scented from Bush Mint & Lemon Myrtle this smells like your favourite summer cocktail and don't we all feel like one of those sometimes when doing the laundry! Rinses free, leaving you nothing but that fresh laundry smell.

No Nasties  – We hate nasty ingredients too and know how important taking care of your families needs is so you won't find any hidden ingredients in our products. Free from SLS, SLES, Parabens, Phosphates, Synthetic Fragrances or Dyes and Optical Brighteners. Nothing but good stuff.

Grey Water & Septic Safe plus Vegan & Not Tested on Animals. 

Recycle Me – Can be recycled with soft plastics. As soon as we have a more environmentally friendly option suitable for small scale production we will let you know, but in the mean time we think our pouches are pretty rad.


ADD 1 scoop (45 grams) powder to your main wash cycle.

Use half the amount for smaller loads.

45 grams = 2 Tablespoons 

Optimum temperature is 40-60 degrees, however please follow garment care advice.

Dissolve powder before adding to clothes if hand washing. Do not apply directly onto clothing as staining could occur. 

Softness will disappear if you change detergents so to maintain softness continue usage. 

* Due to the deep cleaning enzymes this detergent is not suitable for using on wool.

Pre Wash Soiled Nappies – 1/2 scoop detergent.

Main Wash – 1-2 Scoops, depending on the size of your machine.

Temperature – 40-60 degrees for optimum activation of enzymes for a deep clean


– Maintain softness with regular use. If you stop using this detergent, the softness will disappear. 
– Ensure your load is 3/4 full when wet for best agitation.
– In Wash Booster can be added, but not necessary
– Main Cycle min 2 hours. 
– Pre Wash Cycle every 1-2 days, then main wash every 2-3 days. 
– Pre Wash or Quick 30 min cycle is designed to remove the surface bacteria, making your main wash more effective. 


* Due to the deep cleaning enzymes this detergent is not suitable for using on wool.

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