Bare and Boho

Newborn Trifold Night Booster - Pack of 2


Only 2 pieces in stock!

These beautifully soft trifold boosters are designed to offer extra absorbency for heavy wetters or over night.

Each trifold booster features stitching to guide folding into thirds offering 9 layers of absorbency made from bamboo and GOTS Certified Organic Cotton fleece for ultra thirsty protection against leaks.

These trifold can snap directly into the Bare and Boho Nappy Shell as is, or underneath inserts if needed. For ultra heavy wetters the Stay-Dry Booster can also be added.

A great option when paired with the Bare and Boho V3 Newborn for newborn babies that are sleeping longer hours!

- 9 layers of bamboo organic cotton fleece
- Snap in shell 
- Inserts can snap onto trifolds

Available in sizes Newborn and OSFM and sold in a Pack of 2

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