Bubblebubs Stay-Dry Booster

Brand: Bubblebubs

Stay-Dry Bamboo Booster

These super soft boosters are designed with 2 layers of custom bamboo fleece and topped with a micro fleece stay dry liner so bub feels comfy and dry.

A super handy addition to your cloth nappy stash! Use as inserts in other nappy styles, for boosting bambams or night nappies, stuffing in pockets or to replace missing or damaged inserts.


  • 2 layers of thick and thirsty bamboo fleece
  • Stay dry liner - bub feels comfy and dry
  • Bamboo is a 80% more absorbent than cotton
  • Use as an insert or to boost any nappy style
  • Replace missing or damaged inserts without having to buy new nappies!


Sizing + Fit

Approx. 10cm x 30cm

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