Bubblebubs Doll Nappies

Brand: Bubblebubs

Doll Nappies for Play

Super cute reusable doll nappies for creative play!

These adorable little doll nappies are perfect for the curious toddler who will love changing their doll and have it match their siblings nappy or even their own! 

They are made from the same fabrics as the regular Bubblebubs range with the outer either PUL or minky depending on the design, and micro fleece inner. There's no absorbency in the nappy so if you do have a doll that wees this nappy will leak. It is purely for play and has no functionality past that.

The soft velcro closure helps fit a wide range of dolls from lulla to cabbage patch and many in between. Velcro closure means that most toddlers will be able to refine their fine motor skills with very little help from their carer.


  • Matching styles!
  • Great for creative play
  • Help to refine fine motor skills
  • PUL Outter and Velcro closure
  • Fits many dolls/soft toys

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