Bubblebubs Candies One Size All In Two - PUL

Brand: Bubblebubs

Bubblebubs Candies - PUL

This One Size All In Two nappy is designed to fit from birth to toddler and has a side snapping closure which means the waist and leg snaps can be adjusted independent of each other - great for chunkier OR Skinnier legs and containment! 

Absorbency is a snap in trifold, made from two layers of super thirsty bamboo and topped with stay dry suede cloth, so bub feels comfy and dry.
As baby grows, you can add the additional three-layer 500gsm bamboo fleece booster, allowing you to configure up to 12 layers of absorbency where it’s needed most. 

Nappy shells are designed to be reused though multiple nappy changes just air out in-between and swap out inserts when wet - very cost effective!

Choose from either a smooth PUL outer or snuggly Minky outer (both waterproof)

1 Snap-In Trifold + 1 Lay-In Booster


  • One Size fits birth to toddler by adjusting side snaps
  •  Adjust side snaps independently to fit (Top snap for waist, bottom snap for legs)
  • Up to 12 layers of absorbency 
  • Comes with snap-in trifold and lay-in booster
  • Great for a slightly bigger heavier wetting babies
  • Covers can be aired out and reused multiple times a day
  • Covers can also be used over flats, prefolds and fitted nappies
  • Choose from either a smooth PUL or snuggly Minky outer

Quick Guide

All In Two

One Size - by adjusting side snaps

Side Snaps

Yes - Nappy shell available in either smooth PUL or cuddly Minky

Trifold - snap-in, bamboo with stay dry topper
Booster - 500gsm bamboo fleece

Why we love it
Side snapping is great for bigger (or smaller) thighs



Sizing + Fit

One Size Can be used from 4kg - 15kg

The size of the nappy is adjusted via side snaps not rise snaps, this means the leg and waist size can be adjusted independent of each other - great if you have had trouble getting a perfect fit around chunkier/leaner legs!


  • Bottom snap for leg size, top snap for tummy size
  • Shells can be aired out and used multiple times a day, save money by buying extra booster sets and re-using the outer shell. 
  • Choosing between PUL and Minky is really just personal preference - both outers are waterproof
  • Try side snapping if you are struggling with gaping/leaks

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