Bubblebubs B.I.G Fitted Nappy

Brand: Bubblebubs

Bubblebubs B.I.G Fitted Nappy

These deliciously soft fitted nappies are made from super thirsty Bamboo Cotton Terry and are designed for both day and nights - a very cost effective style. 

These nappies will fit from a generous 8kg to 18kg and are shaped to allow for extra boosting which will give you the ability to tailor the absorbency as they grow. 

The B.I.Gs are a fitted nappy style meaning the whole nappy is absorbent so use with a PUL or Wool Nappy Cover to keep clothes and bedding dry. Secure using Nappy Fastener for a perfect fit.

Includes a Bamboo Terry trifold booster


  • One Size - will fit from 8 - 18kg 
  • Fitted nappy - super absorbent and comfy Bamboo Cotton Terry
  • Durable - will last through multiple babies
  • No snaps or velcro - lay in a cover or use with a Nappy Fastener
  • Comes with a Bamboo lay in Trifold Booster
  • Shaped to allow for extra boosting
  • Use with a PUL or Wool Nappy Cover

Quick Guide

Fitted Nappy
One Size
Bamboo Cotton Terry
Bamboo cotton terry Lay-in trifold
Why we love it
Day and Night (medium wetter), cost effective and durable.

How to use

  1. Arrange B.I.G on baby like a normal nappy
  2. For extra absorbency fold trifold in thirds and lay inside B.I.G
  3. For boys/tummy sleepers during nappy fold trifold in thirds and in half and place in front.
  4. Secure with a Snappi fastener
  5. For waterproofing use a PUL or Wool Nappy Cover
  6. When wet replace B.I.G and reuse nappy cover (unless soiled)


90% Bamboo 10% Cotton Terry

Sizing + Fit

Fits 8kg to 18kg


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