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Bubblebubs Bambam Newborn Fitted Nappy

Brand: Bubblebubs

Bubblebubs Bambams Newborn Fitted Nappy

These multi-award winning deliciously soft fitted nappies are designed to fit every single newborn baby no matter how small or big they are they are!

Made from thick lush bamboo terry in a fitted style meaning the whole nappy is absorbent and has no closure system so the nappy moulds to the shape and size of the baby. Secure with a Nappy Fastener or Nappy Cover!

Comes with a lay in Bamboo Terry trifold booster to increase absorbency as they grow 


  • Newborn size - will fit from prem to 8kg!
  • No snaps or velcro - moulds to any size newborn
  • Super soft bamboo terry
  • Durable - will last through multiple babies
  • Fitted style whole nappy is absorbent - use with a PUL or Wool Cover to protect clothes and bedding
  • Comes with a lay in trifold booster to increase absorbency 

Quick Guide

Fitted Nappy
Prem/Newborn Fits 1.2 - 8kg
Bamboo Cotton Terry
Bamboo cotton terry Lay-in trifold
Why we love it
Fits any size newborn, soft and easy system

How to use

  1. Arrange Bambam on bubs like a normal nappy
  2. Secure with a Snappi if bubs is at a stage where they are starting to move around a lot
  3. Place a Nappy Cover (PUL or Wool) on over the top of Bambam
  4. If wet just replace the Bambam and reuse the cover (unless soiled)

Tip - Rotate two covers throughout the day airing out in between


90% Bamboo Terry 10% Cotton

Sizing + Fit

Newborn Size
Prem to 8kg, will fit any size newborn. 

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