Bare + Boho Reusable Breast Pads - Set of 3 pairs


Reusable Breast Pads Set

These beautiful reusable breast pads are an essential for any pre and postpartum eco mama! Made with beautifully soft Organic Cotton and Bamboo fleece they are completely reusable, washable, and earth-friendly. Designed to be used multiple times and washed with general laundry in the wash-bag provided.

In the last weeks of pregnancy, the breasts can excrete fluid; post-birth, they can leak excessive amounts of breast-milk. So using a pad placed in the bra to cover the nipples, helps contain this leakage.

Using reusable breast pads, can potentially save upwards of 1000 disposables pads used per child, based on the average mother requiring 8 changes a day for 3 months!

Set Includes:
3 Pairs of Breast Pads + 1 Wash Bag


  • Comes in a set of 3 pairs with a wash bag
  • Waterproof outer to protect clothing and contain leaks
  • Just throw in with regular washing in the wash bag provided
  • Designed to be used multiple times before washing
  • Beautifully soft Organic Cotton and Bamboo
  • Custom hand-painted prints designed in Byron Bay
  • Beautiful baby shower gift idea


  • Place pad in your bra against nipple to absorb fluids
  • For cracked/sore nipples apply balm prior to prevent pad from sticking
  • When heavy with fluid place in wash bag provided ready for next laundry load

Tip: When new, pads will be more fleecey, and may stick to breasts where the nipples have cracked. So in these cases, apply oil/nipple balm before placing your pad over top.


100% Polyester with Organic Cotton Fleece Lining

Sizing + Fit

12.5cm x 12.5cm Diameter 

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