Baby BeeHinds Nappy Cover


Nappy Cover 


This is an extremely versatile nappy cover that is designed to fit over the top of fitted nappies, prefolds and flats as a waterproof barrier to keep bubs clothes and bedding dry.

The unique water-resistant PUL technology is ultra light-weight, soft and stretchy which ensures a trim and comfortable fit when using over fitted nappies. 

This is a sized nappy cover 


  • Sized to eliminate bulk and ensure a perfect fit
  • Available from Newborn to XL
  • Breathable yet water resistant PUL technology, your baby stays cool and dry
  • Leak-proof fold over elastics for a snug fit
  • Soft and stretchy with generous sizing to get the most wear from each size
  • Constructed to fit well over the top of fitted nappies
  • VELCRO® closure around waist for durable, fast and easy fastening
  • Can be used over any type of nappy for extra protection for heavy wetters

Quick Guide

Nappy Cover - PUL

Sized - NB, S, M, L, XL


Yes - PUL

No - Designed as a cover for fitted/prefold nappies

Why we love it
Use as extra protection over any nappy including disposables


100% Polyester Outer & Inner with hidden TPU layer

Sizing + Fit

Newborn  3.5 - 5 kg
Small  4 - 8 kg
Medium 7 - 11 kg
Large 10 - 15 kg
Extra Large 15 - 21 kg

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