We are committed to sustainability in all areas of our business and draw on this ethos with each and every decision we make now and in the future. 


  • We aim for all our packaging materials to be biodegradable and either curb-side recyclable or home compostable.
  • All packages are shipped in either post consumer cardboard, 100% recycled cardboard boxes, or home compostable mailers.
  • Our home compostable mailers have an extra sticky tab so they can also be reused once again. You can also repurpose them as weed matting, seedling pots or food waste bags. 
  • We use kraft paper based tape to secure boxes
  • Our paper stickers are FSC Certified, acid-free and printed with soy-based inks
  • Items are wrapped in 100% recycled paper, you can pop this in your compost, garden, or reuse.
  • We use jute or hemp cord to tie swing tags, you can reuse this, pop in your compost or use in the garden.
  • Our swing tags are printed on recycle kraft card and we are mindful of sizing to reduce paper use.
  • We are working towards integrating biodegradable shipping labels into our packaging


Click here to see Tui Gardens guide to composting

Click here to see WasteMINZ list of comercial composting facilities


If you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions please feel free to contact us via hello@tushie.co.nz