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How to adjust the size of a OSFM nappy

One size fits most (OSFM) or Birth to Toddler nappies are able to convert to fit from approx. 3kg through to 18kg depending on the brand. Most are also able to go even smaller with a 'Newborn Hack'

Learn how to adjust the size of each OSFM below.

Rise snaps

Most OSFM nappies are converted to a smaller or larger size by snapping or unsnapping the 'rise snaps'. See below.


If you have a newborn baby at approx. 3 kg you will most likely find you will need to convert the nappy to the smallest setting.

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If your baby is smaller than this, most OSFM nappies with rise snaps can also be converted even smaller using whats called a 'Newborn Hack'

Watch - Newborn Hack on an Econaps Convertible Nappy →

Infant to toddler

If your baby is past the newborn stage you will likley need to use a larger setting. To find the right 'right size' follow the guide below.

Step 01

Unsnap all rise snaps and put the nappy on.
The curve just above the leg elastic should follow the top of the leg. THIS IS TOO HIGH.

Step 02

Move the front of the nappy until the edge follows the top of the leg. The top of the nappy should be just under the belly button and just above the bottom. THIS IS CORRECT

Step 03

Snap the adjacent rise snaps together to match the size. PERFECT.

Getting a good fit

Once you have found the correct rise size for your baby, read our Good Fit Checklist to ensure you are correctly fitting the nappy. This will ensure your baby is comfy and leak free.

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