Choose any 6+ Reusable Nappies and get 10% off.

Mix and match styles or brands and build your stash with Bundles! The perks of a traditional value pack with the option to build it yourself.   

How do I Build my Bundle?

Add your choices to the cart and your discount will apply automatically. 

Great for trialing different styles, creating a variety of options for day/night, or building a stash of reusable shells and insert/prefold systems.


Terms + Conditions

  • Bundle include all modern reusable nappies as well as prefolds and flats
  • Bundles exclude Inserts and Boosters, Swim Nappies, Wool Covers and Accessories. 
  • Discount can not be used in conjunction with other discount codes.
  • Bundle discounts are subject to change at any time.


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