The Ultimate Guide to Wool Covers

Wool nappy covers really are an amazing cloth nappy solution because not only are they breathable, temperature regulating and versatile, they are extremely low maintenance and easy to use!


What are Wool Nappy Covers?

Wool Covers are stretchy shorts that fit over the top of nappies as a water-resistant covering. They are most commonly used over the top of traditional flats/prefolds and fitted nappies but can used over the top of any type of nappy to provide superior leak protection.


What are the benefits of Wool as a nappy cover?

  • Natural and earth-friendly option
  • Temperature regulating, great for both cold and warm climates
  • Low maintenance and easy care
  • Self cleaning and antibacterial
  • Ability to absorb 30% its own weight in moisture
  • Soft and comfortable for sensitive skin


How to do Wool Covers work?

Wool fibre has a unique structure that allows it to absorb and evaporate moisture back into the atmosphere without making the wearer feel wet, compromising its thermal efficiency or allowing bacteria to form. Wool fibre essentially has its own self-cleaning and drying function which makes it a superior choice for cloth napping.

Lanolising wool

Wool covers are designed to be lanolised each time they are washed (every 3-4 weeks) this helps to retain the water-resistant and self cleaning benefits and is only a simple extra step in the wash routine.

Lanolin is cheap and easy to buy. If you have left over nipple balm from breast feeding such as Lansinoh or Medela than you can use this too!

Getting used to wool

Wool essentially works by absorbing moisture and releasing (evaporating) it back into the atmosphere. Because of this action wool covers can often feel a little damp or cool to the touch. This is absolutely fine and once aired out you will notice it will be dry and fresh smelling.

Because of its self cleaning function it is uncommon for wool to smell like urine and if this is the case then it may be time to rewash.

Using Wool Covers in the summer

When we think of wool we relate it to keeping warm in the winter, however wool is an incredible fibre as it has the ability to thermoregulate, meaning wool will keep you warm in summer and cool in winter.

Wool also breathes which prevents a humid microclimate in the nappy area as opposed to polyester nappy covers and wicks away moisture so the wearer doesn't feel wet or sticky.

How do you use Wool Covers?

Wool covers can be used for both day and night to provide water-resistant leak protection over any type of nappy.

They are low maintenance and easy to care for as they only need washing every 3-4 weeks. Wool covers should also be lanolised every time you wash them to retain its water-resistant and self cleaning ability.

Just pull up over the nappy, air out between use and wash and lanolise every 3-4 weeks (unless soiled), its that simple! 

Wool covers for heavy wetters

Wool covers provide a much superior leak protection than any other nappy cover or system which is why they are commonly used at night for heavier wetters. 

If you have a heavy wetter then the ultimate night nappy combo to try is the Baby Beehinds Night Nappy and Baby Beehinds Wool Cover.

Wool covers are also incredible because you can easily add absorbency in-between the outside of the fitted nappy and the inside of the wool cover. The stretch of the wool holds it in place, something that you would be unable to do with a standard PUL cover.

Tip: If you find your wool cover is saturated then you need to add more absorbency to the nappy underneath.

Using wool during the day

Wool os most commonly thought of as an overnight solution but it is also a great choice for day use as well. When using as a full time solution then it is a good idea to have 2-3 covers to rotate and air out between some uses.

Wool covers during the newborn stage

Wool covers are also a great option for the newborn stage as they are breathable, natural and super soft and comfortable on sensitive skin.

Wool covers are most commonly used over fitted newborn nappies like Bubblebubs Bambams or traditional flats and prefolds. 

What can you use Wool Covers with?


  • Use over fitted night nappies
  • Use over flats/prefolds as a cover
  • Use as a natural option instead of polyester mcn
  • Use over the top of modern cloth nappies as extra protection
  • Use over disposable for extra leak protection
  • Use over prefolds/flats for newborn


How to wash and lanolise?

Wool covers are extremely low maintenance and only need to be washed every 3-4 weeks. You must lanolise the wool cover each time you wash. Lanolising helps to retain the self cleaning function of the wool and is a very simple process.

You can use any type of 100% lanolin product including popular nipple balms such as Lansinoh and Medela.

Washing (Baby Beehinds Wool Covers)

Machine wash on a Gentle/Wool Cycle on COLD using wool detergent.
You can choose to hand-wash if you prefer.
Once washed your cover is ready to be lanolised, no need to dry.


  • Mix 1/2 tsp of lanolin in 1/2 cup boiling water with a little squirt of baby/bodywash
  • Stir until mixture is combined (it may turn milky/emulsified)
  • Add mixture to a small bowl of cool-warm water and mix to combine
  • Submerge wool cover inside out and squeeze to distribute water
  • Leave for an hour or overnight
  • Gently squeeze out excess water and line dry in shade

Wash and lanolise every 3-4 weeks (unless soiled).


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