Do I need to use Nappy Liners?

Nappy Liners are not essential when using reusable nappies however there are some advantages to them that can make things easier.

Sometime people can mistakenly confuse the term nappy liner and nappy insert but they are actually two different things;

A nappy 'insert' is the absorbent part of a reusable nappy. 

A nappy 'liner' is a thin sheet designed to line the inside of the nappy to catch solids and make clean up easier. Liners are not absorbent and will let wee pass through them. 

There are two different types of Nappy Liners:

Disposable Liners

Disposable Nappy Liners are generally made from Bamboo fibres or PLA (plant-based fibres) and are designed to be disposed of after use. They can often be marketed as flushable, however we do NOT recommend flushing as they can cause major blockages in sewage systems. 

Disposable liners can be a great help when traveling as you can discard most of the solids for an easier clean up. Bamboo liners will often feel a little damp on the skin, this is usually not an issue however if your baby is sensitive to moisture then opt for plant-based liners or reusable. 

Econaps Mess-Free Bamboo Liners
GroVia Plant-Based BioLiner

Reusable Liners

Reusable Liners are generally made from polyester microfleece and are designed to be used, washed and then used again. The microfleece will also act as a stay-dry layer against your babies skin by wicking moisture away. If you prefer natural fibres then opt for either no liners or disposable bamboo.

Although you do have to wash reusable liners they often make clean up much easier as you can stretch the liner over the toilet to release solids easier. 

Bare and Boho Reusable Stay-Dry Liner

Must I always use a liner?

The short answer is no! Nappy liners are not an essential part of using cloth nappies and whether they will be helpful for you is entirely subjective. 

We don't recommend using nappy liners throughout the newborn stage as newborn poo is very runny and they can often cause more of a clean up!

Nappy liners are especially great when your baby is transitioning from a milk diet to solids, to help with clean up or when you are traveling. 


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