The 4 Different Styles of Reusable Nappies

When you first start looking into cloth nappies you may feel like your coming across what seems like hundreds of different styles 🤯

We are spoilt for choice in New Zealand, with plenty of amazing brands to choose from, each with their own unique design and features that may seem different to others.

However, no matter what extra features the cloth nappy has it will always fall into one of 4 main styles!

When choosing a cloth nappy for your family, all you need to do is determine which of the 4 main styles you like and look for nappies that fall into that category. The extra features are just a bonus!

Lets break it down:

All in One

Also known as: AIO

The easiest style of reusable nappy available. The absorbency is sewn into the shell and you don’t have to fold, stuff or snap anything. Looks and works just like a disposable!

All in Two

Also known as: AI2, Pocket, Snap and Wipe, Hybrid

The most widely available style in New Zealand however, often the most confusing! Really, an All in Two just means that the inserts come away from the nappy and are not sewn in like an All in One. The inserts can be attached to the nappy in various ways depending on the brand. Some just snap right onto the shell and some have a pocket that the inserts go into. There are also ‘Hybrid’ All in Two styles like Econaps where the inserts can either go inside a pocket OR snap on top.

Newborn (Prem to 5kg)

Bare and Boho V3 Newborn 

Over 4 months (4-18kg)

Econaps Convertible Nappy
Bare and Boho V3 Nappy
Baby Beehinds Velcro Nappy
Grovia Hybrid Nappy
Grovia O.N.E nappy

Fitted Nappy

Also known as: 2 parter

Looks like a modern cloth nappy however the whole nappy is completely absorbent and designed to be used with a seperate nappy cover over the top. Although it seems like too hard basket because you need two parts, these are some of the hardiest, and most absorbent styles out there. A true workhorse style often used overnight!

Baby Beehinds Night Nappy

Traditional Nappies

Also known as: Flats, Prefolds, Terry, Preflat

Traditional encompasses a few different designs however the main idea is that it is a flat piece of absorbent material that can be folded into all sorts of shapes and used along with a nappy cover. Modern times have seen the introduction of Prefolds and Preflats, which are already pre-folded and sewn in a shape which make for an easier style to use. Although there is extra admin here these are extremely versatile, fast drying and easy to clean, another true workhorse in the cloth world.

Grovia Bamboo Cotton Prefolds

Nappy Cover

Also known as: Wrap, Wool Cover

Not so much a style rather an accessory! A nappy cover is a non-absorbent water-resistant cover designed to be used over the top of fitted and traditional nappies. They can also go over any other style of nappy to provide extra leak protection.

Baby Beehinds Nappy Cover
Bubblebubs Nappy Cover
Baby Beehinds Wool Nappy Cover
Grovia Hybrid Nappy


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