An Introduction to Reusable Pads

Reusable pads have been thoughtfully designed to reduce the implication single-use pads and tampons have on our health, hygiene and environment. 

Disposable pads and our environment

Sadly, disposable pads are approximately 90% plastic, containing the same amount of plastic as 4 plastic bags. They are designed to be used use for only a couple of hours but take up to 800 years to decompose.

Most woman menstruate for about 40 years in total, which is approximately 2,400 days over the course of a lifetime, or six and a half years altogether! Which is up to 15,000 disposable pads and tampons per person ending up in our landfills.

Disposable pads and our health 

Disposable pads and tampons are not only bad for our environment, they are also harmful for our health.

Vaginal tissue is some of the most permeable in our bodies meaning that whatever comes in contact can pass through to our bloodstream and in turn, our reproductive organs.

Unfortunately disposable pads and tampons can contain a plethora of harmful chemicals and even to this day the industry is largely unregulated, which means companies do not have to list all the ingredients contained in their products.

Reusable pads are often made with Certified Organic Cotton which significantly reduces the amount of harmful toxins we are introducing to our bodies.

Transitioning to Reusable Pads

Reusable pads are designed to mimic disposable pads so it is surprisingly easy to make the transition.  The only difference is that once used they simply washed and used again rather than being disposed of.

What are reusable pads made from?

Reusable pads are made with an absorbent material such as GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and feature a water-resistant backing to provide protection against leaks. Reusable pads also have wings that fold and fasten around underwear to secure in place.

As with disposable pads they come in different sizes and absorbency levels to cater for different cycles and flows.

Bare and Boho Reusable Pad

Bare and Boho Reusable Cloth Pad - Medium


How to use reusable pads

Simply place the patterned side down in underwear and fold wings around underwear. Snap closed choosing the correct snap button for size.

Once used you can fold and snap closed and place in a drypail ready for washing.

When out and about, simply take a wetbag with you to store used pads for transporting home.

How to use reusable pads

How to wash reusable pads

Hand-wash and Drypail
Store used pads in a wetbag or washing basket.
At the end of each day or in the morning give a good rinse until water runs clear, squeeze out and store in a drypail/washing basket until main wash day.
You can also treat stubborn marks with laundry soap (Sard) at this stage if preferred.

Wash day
If you use cloth nappies you can prewash and mainwash along with nappies. Alternatively pop in a long hot cycle with other general laundry. Choose a 2.5 to 3 hour cycle (cottons/heavy duty) at 40° - 60° using full recommended dose of mainstream detergent (Persil) ensuring that machine is loosely loaded to full (2/3 full when wet). Aim to wash within 2-3 days.

Line dry or tumble dry on LOW. 


Washing Tips
- Choose a
40° - 60° temp for best results
- Use a good quality mainstream detergent such as Persil Ultimate
- If using plant based detergent we suggest using 2x the recommended dose.
- Ensure mainwash load is full for correct agitation (2/3 full when wet)
- Choose a cotton or heavy duty cycle for best results. Cycles such as Hygiene or Baby Care often do not agitate well enough


Bare and Boho Wetbag

 Bare and Boho Wetbag


Common Questions

How many do I need?

The amount you need can vary from person to person and depends on your flow, length of cycle, and frequency of washing. A good place to start full time time use is 10-12 pads.


Do I rinse blood with warm or cold water?

It is commonly thought that blood sets in warm water creating stains. We don't find any difference between rinsing with cold or warm water and strongly suggest washing in 40° - 60° when choosing your wash cycles.


Can I use postpartum? 

Yes absolutely! The GOTS Certified Organic Cotton is much safer and softer to use than disposable pads. We suggest choosing Ultra-Heavy size for postpartum use particularly in the first days and weeks after birth.


Can I use for incontinence?

Yes you can use reusable pads for light incontinence. We suggest changing within 30 mins after bladder leakage to prevent any skin irritations. 
Bare and Boho reusable pads are not suggested for use for severe bladder leakage.


Do I need special underwear?

You don't necessarily need special underwear however we do suggest that you use underwear that has stretch or spandex incorporated in order to keep pads flush against body. 


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