Introducing Bare and Boho V3

Bare and Boho have recently undergone a huge brand revamp, minimising their product range and releasing a new and improved version of their iconic nappies.

The one-size V3 has arrived in a small capsule collection of three prints with 6 more prints set to arrive in late October. The new and improved nappies have a bunch of beautiful new features we're sure you'll love!

Changes to the Nappy Shell

- Softer and more relaxed leg elastics
- More elongated shape to fit for longer
- Better wing shape to fit chunkier legs
- More paneling so less PUL on skin
- Back elastic stitched flat 


Changes to the Inserts

Now available in Stay-Dry Bamboo or Eco-Warrior Hemp

- Inserts are tapered at one end to reduce bulk
- The bamboo insert now has a microfleece stay-dry topper
- The bamboo insert has has one layer removed for faster drying


Bare and Boho V3


Other changes

The V3 no longer comes with an extra booster which lowers the price point.
Extra boosters and trifolds are designed to be purchased separately for those wanting to add absorbency for overnight use or heavier wetters.

Bare and Boho have opted to offer their products as part of bundles now so the nappies are only able to be purchased as packs of 3, 6 and 12. As with some accessories they are to be purchased as bundles as well*.

You can view a comparison video on our Instagram IGTV @tushiestore


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*Nappies and accessories will be available to purchase as singular items on Tushie.

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