How to use reusable nappies out and about

Using reusable nappies when out and about is a lot simpler than you make think!

The only difference between using reusable and disposable when leaving the house is the fact that you are bringing them home rather than disposing of them.

The key to having success with reusable nappies when out and about is...wetbags!

Wetbags are water-resistant, smell-resistant and machine washable storage bags that are perfect for transporting used nappies home. If they need to be washed then you can just throw them in the washing machine with the nappies. 

We find double pocket wetbags the best for using reusable nappies when leaving the house as they contain two zipped pockets.

Simply put clean nappies in one pocket and transfer to the other pocket when dirty. When you get home just empty the nappies into the washing basket!
If the wetbag is dirty just wash the along-side nappies.

If you have a poo to deal you can easily roll the nappy up and use the snaps to fasten closed and deal with it when you get home or if you are near a toilet and the poo is 'ploppable' then you can simply discard and flush.

Don't worry, a good quality wetbag will contain smells!

Tips for using reusable nappies out and about

  • Keep a small wetbag with a spare nappy/wipes/change of clothes in your car just in case you are caught out on the go.
  • Store pre-wet reusable cloth wipes in a medium or mini wetbag instead of using disposable wipes. Wipes can simply be washed along-side nappies.
  • Travel change mats are handy for covering public changing tables or laying on the ground
  • Double pocket wetbags are great for storing both clean and used nappies
  • Wetbags can be washed with nappies if needed


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