Common Questions

What style should I choose?

When you are first starting out it can be a little overwhelming deciding which is the best nappy for you as there are many different styles and brands to choose from. What works for one family may not work for yours, it really just comes down to personal preference.

When first starting out we recommend trialing a few different styles and brands and then building your stash from there.

Check out our trial packs here >

Can I start from birth?

Yes of course! You can use cloth nappies even on the tiniest of newborn babies. A newborn goes through around 500 nappies in the first 6 weeks of their life so using cloth from birth makes great economic sense. Newborn nappies also have great resell value as they are generally in great condition.

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Can I just use them at home?

Yes of course, full time or part time it all counts.
There is often a belief that using cloth nappies outside of the home is going to be hard but it is actually really easy. All you need is a wetbag to store them in until you get home!

How many nappies do I need?

This is entirely up to you and depends on whether you want to use cloth full time/part time, how often you want to wash, and the style of nappy as some take a little longer to dry if you are not using a dryer. 

Newborn babies will go through approx 12 nappy changes a day whereas older babies will go through approx 6-8 nappies a day so if you are washing every 2-3 days you need enough to last a couple of days (we recommend no longer than 3 days between mainwashing).

You may want to consider having a few more handy for back up in case some are taking longer to dry or your baby uses more nappies on average. On the other hand, you may get away with less if you are washing every day or tumble drying inserts.

If you are using a nappy cover system such as flats and prefolds or fitted and covers then we recommend 1 cover for approx 4-6 nappy changes.

How long can I leave the nappy on for?

We recommend changing a cloth nappy every 2-3 hours max unless using overnight.

What about when I go out?

Cloth is really easy to use out and about. Store clean nappies in a wetbag and when soiled transfer to another wetbag. When you get home empty the soiled nappies into the dry pail. The wetbag can be washed along with nappies if need be.

Double zip/pocket wetbags are great for taking loth nappies out with you. One pocket can be used for clean nappies and you can transfer soiled nappies to the other pocket. 

What are cloth nappies made from?

Modern cloth nappies are generally made from an absorbent material such as cotton, bamboo or hemp and then a polyester and polyurathane outer layer to provide water-resistance.

Read more about different material types here >

Can I use them at night time?

Yes you can absolutely use cloth nappies at night time!

Some babies can use a day nappy with a little added absorbency at night but some babies will be heavier wetters and need more absorbency so will find a dedicated night nappy a better option.

Read our guide for using cloth nappies at night >


What do I do with the poo?

Its best to remove the majority of poo prior to washing or dry pailing your nappies as this helps to avoid smells in your laundry and also prevents washing machine pipes from getting clogged.

If your baby is exclusively breastfed you don’t have to do anything with poo. You can put the nappy straight into the drypail to wait until wash time. Breast milk poo is water-soluble so it will wash right off.

Once your baby is on solids the poo is less water soluble so it is better to get rid of the majority of the poo prior to washing your nappies.

  • Some poo will just roll/shake off into the toilet
  • Some people use a bidet hose that attaches to your toilet
  • Some people hold the nappy in the toilet and flush
  • You can use disposable or reusable nappy liners
  • A silicone scrubbing brush works really well if they need a scrub

Dealing with poo when out and about

  • Roll poo up in nappy and store in a wetbag until you get home
  • Plop into a toilet if you are close to one
  • Use disposable liners when out

How do I prep new nappies?

New nappies just need one wash prior to using them to get rid of manufacturers residue.

Seperate all parts of the nappy, secure velcro down and wash on a normal cycle at 60° max with the recommended dose of detergent.

See our washing guide for new nappies here >

Can I soak my nappies?


This used to be the old method of dealing with nappies and is not necessary these days.

We do not recommend soaking/wet pailing nappies because:

  • It poses a drowning risk
  • Soaking can degrade fabrics over time
  • It creates a breeding ground for bacteria

We recommend that you store dirty nappies in a ‘dry pail’ prior to washing.

What is a dry pail?

A dry pail is any laundry basket with holes in it for maximum air flow. The more air flow the better when it comes to a good dry pail. Air flow helps to evaporate the water out of urine which minimises ammonia build up.

We do NOT recommend rinsing wee nappies prior to storing in dry pail.

How do I wash them?

Nappies are very dirty laundry so they need to be effectively cleaned in order to prevent problems happening such as degradation of materials or rashes.
We recommend a 2 step wash system consisting of a prewash and then a main or second wash. See our washing guide here>

What about stains?

If you are following a good wash routine stains shouldn’t be a problem.

If you are getting stains you may need to check your washing routine see here >

Tips for pretreating stains:

  • Add a laundry boosters to your prewash
  • Treat stains with Sard Soap before prewash or main wash
  • Silicone scrubbing brushes are great for scrubbing poo
  • Use a disposable or reusable nappy liner

Can I use the drier?

Natural fibre inserts such as bamboo, cotton and hemp can be tumble dried, set the temp on LOW to MED.

We don’t recommend tumble drying nappy shells, covers, wool covers or anything containing PUL such as wetbags.

How do I use nappies at the hospital?

If you would like to use cloth from birth or at the hospital this is absolutely achievable.

  • Take at least 2-3 wetbags to store dirty nappies in
  • Ask your partner/hubby/grandies or friend to take nappies home in a wetbag each day for prewashing
  • Don’t leave nappies unwashed for more than 2 days

How come I am getting leaks?

Leaks can happen for 4 main reasons:

  1. The fit is not right
  2. Not enough absorbency
  3. Flooding
  4. The nappy is damaged

See our guide for troubleshooting leaks >

My cloth nappies are starting to smell

Cloth nappies should not smell after washing. If you are finding smells then you need to revise your current washing routine. You may need to reset your nappies with a strip and sanitise prior to using them again.

Please see our washing guide here > 

Help Im feeling overwhelmed!

We understand! When you first start to use cloth nappies it can quickly become overwhelming, there seems to be a lot of information, styles, brands and reviewers out there. The best way is to just start with a couple of nappies you like the look of and go from there. It will become a lot clearer once you get going and you will find your way very quickly, we promise!

We are here to help you get started with cloth nappies so please get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to chat about getting started, we are here to help!

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