5 Reasons To Start Reusables from Birth

There are so many reasons to choose reusable from birth and believe it or not, cloth nappies are actually easier with a newborn!

Here are 5 reasons to start using reusables right from the get-go...


1. Less chemicals on sensitive skin

Newborns have very sensitive and delicate skin so using softer, natural fibres is much less likely to cause irritation and rashes from chemicals and plastic in single-use nappies.

2. Much less waste

Newborns go through A LOT of changes, so choosing reusable eliminates a huge amount of waste from single-use nappies. Plus you'll never be caught short! Once you know what goes into a reusable nappy you can practically make a nappy out of anything in a pinch, even a tea-towel or t-shirt.

3. Keeping track of intake

It's much easier to keep track of how often and how much a newborn is weeing and pooing in a cloth nappy.

4. Poo is easier to deal with

Newborns poo a lot however it is much easier to deal with during this stage rather than once they start solids, it doesn't smell and washes off easier. In fact, a lot of the time you can pop poo nappies straight into the washing machine.

5. Newborns don't move as much

Newborns don't move around much when changing their nappy, this gives you time to get used to fitting or folding cloth nappies so you will be well practised once they have learnt to croc-roll by the age of 3 months! Plus you tend to have more help around the house.


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