5 Different Ways To Use Bare and Boho Nappies

Bare and Boho’s unique system is designed so that you can use the nappy shell throughout multiple changes by just swapping out the inserts when wet.

But did you know that you can also use Bare and Boho as a nappy cover?
Nappy covers are designed to provide a water-resistant cover over traditional flats, prefolds and fitted nappies.

Bare and Boho nappies do not have a material lining which means they can also act as a nappy cover over whatever you have on hand. Great for when your inserts are still drying. The bonus about Bare and Boho shells is that they also feature outer double gussets and snaps on the inside.
Outer double gussets provide extra room for more absorbency and minimise leg gaping.
The snaps on the inside are compatible with most nappy brands so you can snap in any insert you have on hand.

5 different ways to use Bare and Boho

As they come

Each Bare and Boho nappy comes with either Stay-Dry Bamboo insert or Eco-Warrior Hemp insert. Purchase additional insert sets and reuse the shell through multiple changes by just swapping out the wet insert for a new one.

Choose either Stay-Dry Bamboo or Eco-Warrior Hemp Inserts in Newborn or One-Size

With a Trifold

Trifolds are an excellent way to add additional absorbency for overnight or heavy wetters. The Bare and Boho trifolds are able to be snapped together with the insert and boosters to take your nappies from day to night even with a heavy wetter. Other brand inserts or trifolds are able to be used, either snap in or lay flat.

Over a fitted nappy

Fitted nappies are shaped like a nappy but are made from all natural fibres like bamboo cotton or hemp and are completely absorbent. They are an excellent nappy for over night or those looking for completely natural fibres against bubs skin. 

(Please note Bare and Boho will not fit over the Baby Beehinds Night Nappy)

Over a flat nappy

Traditional flat nappies are large squares of absorbent material designed to be folded in many different nappy shapes. They are easy to clean, cost effective and fast drying. 

With a prefold

A prefold is much like a trifold however they are often available in different sizes from the newborn through to toddler stage. Much like a flat nappy they are cost effective and fast drying but half th folding is already done. Many people use prefolds throughout the newborn stage.



Bare and Boho are a versatile system because you can use just about anything absorbent you have on hand inside. Once wet, whip the cover off, change out your absorbency and pop the cover back on.
If you find the elastics are getting wet, air out and use next change. Chuck all covers in the drypail at the end of the day!


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