How to care for and lanolise wool covers

How to care for and lanolise wool covers

Wool covers are designed to be used as a water-resistant cover over any style of nappy. They are surprisingly easy to care for and actually only need washing every 2-3 weeks (unless soiled).

For best results we recommend airing out between each use and lanolising after each wash. If you have a few in rotation you can wash even less frequently.


Step 01 - Wash

- Turn inside out and hand-wash in luke warm water with a little wool detergent
- Gently squeeze to distribute water and detergent
- Leave to soak for 15 - 30 mins
- Rinse and squeeze excess water out
- Your wool cover is now ready for lanolising, no need to dry

Step 02 - Lanolise

- Melt approx 1/2 teaspoon lanolin in a cup of boiling water with a dash of hand soap or baby wash
- Stir until milky (emulsified)
- Add the mixture to a small container of luke warm/cool water
- Turn the wool cover inside out and submerge in the mixture there should be just enough water to submerge the cover
- Leave for at least an hour or overnight
- Squeeze out and roll up in a towel to get rid of excess water
- Dry flat in shade




Fit Guide

Fit Guide

Achieving a good fit helps protect against leaks and ensure your baby is comfortable.

If you are having trouble fitting your nappies, are getting leaks or just don't know where to start, send us a picture and we will help to guide you in the right direction!


Step one - Check size

Ensure you are using the right size. You may need to adjust the rise if you are using a OSFM nappy.

Read - how to adjust the size of a osfm nappy →


Step two - position

Check where the nappy is sitting. Modern reusable nappies tend to sit lower than disposable nappies. Just above the bottom and just below the belly button. The front and back should be the same height.




How to wash new nappies

How to wash new nappies

We recommend only one wash prior to using your new reusable nappies for the first time. Once dry your nappies will be ready to use, and natural inserts will improve in absorbency wash after wash. 


  1. Unsnap shells and pull out inserts. Secure velcro on laundry tabs.
  2. Wash on a normal cycle between 40° to 60° with half the recommended dose of detergent.
  3. Line dry, inserts can be tumble dried on LOW to MED


This guide is for washing new nappies for the first time, see our washing recommendations for dirty nappies here.




Washing and care guide

Washing and care guide

Washing cloth nappies can seem a little daunting to start off with but once you get into the groove it will become a lot clearer. With a good wash routine your nappies will stay sparkling clean and last through multiple children.

If you are finding problems or having trouble with your wash routine please reach out to us, we would love to help!


Washing guide

Drypail - Storing dirty nappies before washing

Store dirty nappies in a basket with plenty of airflow until prewash, no need to rinse wee or BF poo. Discard any big solids and give a quick rinse/scrub.
  1. Wee nappies and BF poo nappies can go straight in basket
  2. Discard any solids and give a quick rinse/scrub if needed
  3. Store nappies for no longer than 1-2 days before prewashing
  4. If using night nappies store for 1 day max.

Prewash - first wash to get rid of soiling

A prewash is a first wash prior to the main wash. It gets rid of all the soiling so that nappies are not being washed in dirty water. Prewash every 1-2 days. After prewashing store nappies in a clean drypail until the mainwash day.


  1. Short cycle from 30 - 60 mins
  2. Temp 40° to 60°
  3. Prewash every 1-2 days
  4. Prewash everyday if using night nappies
  5. Store prewashed nappies in dry pail to wait for main wash (no need to dry)

Mainwash - second wash for efficient cleaning

The mainwash is a long wash with all the prewashed nappies from the previous 2-3 days*. This is where the actual cleaning happens. 

- Choose a long cycle with good agitation such as Cotton for approx. 2.5 - 3.5 hrs
- Temp 40° - 60°
- Use the full recommended dose of detergent
- Make sure the machine is fully loaded (3/4 full when wet)
- Add other laundry items no larger than a hand towel if not full enough

* You can choose to prewash and mainwash back-to-back or prewash everyday for 2-3 days then mainwash. If you are using night nappies we recommend prewashing everyday. 


  1. Line dry in shade
  2. Inserts can be tumble dried on LOW


Your nappies are now ready to be used again! 


Care recommendations

- If using plant based detergent consider using 1.5 - 2x the recommended dose
- Wool Covers need a different wash routine see here
- No bleach or softeners
- No soaking or wetpailing
- No vinegar or baking soda
- Don't stretch or pull elastics when warm
- Tumble dry on Low
- Line dry PUL items in shade


Manufacturers Guarantee

It is important to note that manufacturers recommendations can vary greatly and must be considered if you would like to be covered by the guarantee. 


Clean Cloth Nappies

We support the CCNDU washing recommendations. For more information see